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Sink holes, recurring floods, long work commutes and a growing family are reasons why people stop appreciating a house and give themselves no other choice but to move. Horrible neighbors are another reason why people vacate their homes.

Horrible neighbors create a lot more than irritating noise. Depending on their particular issues, they could cost you money, lots of money. They could also get you embroiled in nightmarish legal battles.

Signs that you live next to horrible neighbors

The best way to deal with horrible neighbors is to set guidelines. Not engaging in verbal fights also helps. Best of all, recognize the signs that you're about to move next door to horrible neighbors before you buy a house. Look for these signs each time you visit houses you're serious about buying. If one or more neighbors exhibits these signs, you could be in for years of regret if you buy the house anyway:

  • Neighbors have a history of dragging people in and out of small claims court. Going in and out of small claims court generally doesn't cost as much as being a defendant in a major civil case. But, you could still lose hours, potentially entire days, from work.
  • Disregard for the amount of attorney's fees that you have to pay
  • Bullying other adults in the neighborhood or encouraging or allowing their children to bully other kids in the area.
  • Own aggressive and out-of-control pets like large, aggressive dogs
  • Stalk or spy on neighbors or colleagues even after they are spoken with
  • Cause property damage in such a way that you can't prove that it was your neighbor
  • Engage in illegal activity, but cops can't get enough evidence on the neighbors to arrest them or write them out a citation or warning
  • There's lots of traffic and noise at your neighbor's house. People are constantly stopping by your neighbor's at all hours of the day and night, causing some of the unwanted traffic to spill onto your property.

Stay clear of the worst neighbor conflicts

The above behaviors can cause you stress and sleepless nights. They can also cause you to be concerned that your children won't be safe while you're away from home, and all because of your neighbors.

Face it. Your actual house isn't the only thing that could force you out of your home. Inconsiderate or stalking neighbors could push you out. Move next door to the wrong neighbors and you might find yourself in court, left with no other choice except to let a judge set clear legal guidelines between you and your neighbor.

The only way out of the dilemma may be to establish a good relationship with your neighbors before you move in. Start by asking neighbors questions. You could ask them what they like most about the neighborhood.

You could also invite neighbors to cookouts, block parties and other social events. Set clear boundaries with neighbors as soon as you move in. Let them know how much notice you want them to give you before they visit. Avoid trying to buy neighboring friendships and stay out of gossip circles. It could gain you respect and keep you free of regrettable relationships with horrible neighbors.