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Brand new furniture is not cheap. Even if you buy furniture online, avoiding having to pick up the cost of showroom expenses, you could spend more than a thousand dollars on a sofa. That's just a sofa. Fortunately, you have options.

Don't spend too much on house furniture

There are places where you can find low cost furniture. As tempting as it might be to rule out some of the places that sell low cost furniture, keep an open mind. Furniture at these places is good quality, some of the furniture being in good condition years after it was made.

Flea markets aren't the only place where you can find decor and items to furnish your house cheaply. Here are other stores and indoor and outdoor locations where you can find beautiful items to furnish your house cheaply:

  • Consignment stores - Designer furniture and clothes are sold at consignment stores. You might be surprised at the quality of some consignment store furniture. People sell designer furniture to the stores to generate extra income. Other people sell designer furniture to consignment stores to put top furnishings within reach of new homeowners.
  • Swap shops - These stores are online and offline. They operate similar to companies like Ebay and Let Go. You can bid on furniture or shop for furniture that fits your style and budget. Pay attention to shipping and handling charges if you order furniture online, even if you order furniture from a major retailer.
  • Community stores - Aim of community stores is to sell products at reduced prices to area residents. Money from sales goes toward community and charity services.
  • Worship centers - Churches and other worship centers may giveaway furniture that they are no longer using. Some worship centers receive furniture and clothes free or at low costs. When this happens, the worship centers may sell the furniture at a very low price or give the furniture away for free.
  • Furniture retail stores - Major furniture store retailers sell used furniture at reduced rates. Major furniture retailers also run price deals and specials. You could save big if you take advantage of these deals.

Focus on quality, not price to furnish your house cheaply

It's possible to find low cost furniture at online and offline community and traditional retail spots. The furniture is reliable and attractive. Used low cost furniture may have been tested for years by prior owners. You won't have to guess as to whether the furniture will hold your weight and be comfortable.

Of course, as with any furniture, whether the furniture is brand new or used, test the items. Avoid checking out furniture when you're in a rush. Allow yourself time to sit on chairs and sofas. Actually sit and recline on beds to measure how comfortable and supportive they are.

With used furniture, ask shop owners or retailers if they know how many other people have owned the furniture. Great furniture will hold up for decades and stay in good condition. Above all, focus on getting attractive, reliable furniture, not on bringing home the most expensive furniture that you can find.